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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Health Education Empowerment Session

Sessions are designed to educate and empower us to make informed decisions about our health.

  • $150/hr
  • This service will take place at your desired location

Service Description

****This session is designed to educate and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Please email event coordinator at "" for booking and availability.**** Topics discussed in these sessions are relative to the most common health concerns that plague our families, communities and healthcare systems. Most common topics are Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Lung Disease (COPD), Alzheimer's, Chronic Kidney Disease, Obesity, Substance Abuse, Influenza and Pneumonia. One of the top reasons individuals do not make the necessary changes to improve their health is a lack of understanding and/or comprehension. Understanding and comprehension of what? The condition (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.), and the prognosis (the likely outcome this condition will have on my health, if I do not make necessary changes). Individuals will also learn about the risk factors (those things that have increased my risk of living with the condition): age, gender, genetics, environment, excess weight, physical inactivity, drug and alcohol use to name a few, the modifiable behaviors that can help change my prognosis (changing the way you view your health, healthy diet, regular exercise, avoid all tobacco use and exposure, and limit alcohol intake) and the treatment options available (medications, therapy, surgery, etc.) . The purpose behind these sessions is to bring awareness to the general public, in a way that is clear, concise and meaningful. These health education empowerment sessions will give insight (an accurate and deeper understanding) about the conditions our families, communities and healthcare systems face on a daily basis. They will also empower you with the information that you need to be able to make the best decisions concerning your health.

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396 Aberdeen Dr, Davenport, FL, USA

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